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SHRS with Anzam Race Management
ARYRM has been designed to fully manage your sailing under SHRS. As a self contained database system ARYRM allows quick set up of events whether single heat club days or multi heat multiple day championships. The system can also fully handle Observer assignments. Event results are updated with the completition of each heat. A companion application can display current results, current and next heat assignments on multiple displays allowing quick and easy dissemination of the event progress. The same information can also be uploaded to this website if required.

NOW AVAILABLE: Live updates to the internet. Results and Heat Lists direct to the internet without any additional work - simply save the current heat and results are updated (free access code per event required)
SHRS using Anzam Radio Yacht Race Management
Ø All heats score same points
Ø Close points - all races important
Ø Continuous mixture of competitors during Qualification Series
Ø Tight racing amongst peers in Finals Series
Ø All competitors sail same number of heats
Ø Maximum consecutive heats per competitor  -  2
Ø 80 boats can be accomodated in 4 heats
Ø Quick turn-around between heats
Ø Simple scoring under Appendix A
Basic features of SHRS
SHRS has been developed by radio sailors who also have considerable current experience in various dinghy classes either as competitors or officials. The resulting system follows very closely the format used by such classes as the 29ers, 49ers, Laser, Optimist and others. The main difference is that as those classes use different courses for the different heats they only change at the end of the day. As radio sailing use only the one course the heat movement can occur after every race giving an even greater mix.

An event run under SHRS is divided into 2 sections (called Series) the Qualifying Series and the Finals Series. During the Qualifying Series boats move between heats based upon their finishing position in the previous race. At the end of the Qualifying Series boats are then placed into the Finals Series fleets in accordance with their overall place at the point of transition and from then on there is no movement between heats - all Gold Fleet boats stay in Gold etc.

The transition point to the Finals Series will be specified in advance either as a certain number of races or a point of time. Should weather conditions preclude reaching that point the event results will be taken at the last race of the Qualifying Series for which all heats were completed. However, once the Finals Series is underway there is no need to have all Fleets sail the same number of races or to keep to a single sequence.
Simple Heat Racing System for Radio Sailing